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An Experience of Spirit

Bhava Spiritual Mission

A community for all faiths shifting paradigms and living in love. 

Psychic and Spiritual Development


Our Core Beliefs

We house all faith-filled humans from any walk of life.


We believe the New Earth is brought in on the backs of the individual, and therefore your healing, expansion, and faith is paramount to shifting the consciousness of this planet from fear to love.


We seek to empower the you to trust yourself, develop and use your psychic, intuitive, and healing gifts, and share those with the world.


We believe that you are of divine service through the vehicle of your passion.


We believe every creature on the planet is precious and sacred.


We adhere to non-violence, kindness, and compassion.


Love has no limits or orientation, and expression is meant to be free and wild.


We help you love yourself more, and fall into step with your spiritual purpose.

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