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Join The Bhava Spiritual Mission

A community of leading-edge spiritual envoys, committed to living in partnership with Spirit and ushering in the New Earth. 

Our Commitments to Our Community

Members-Only Digital Community

We have a closed network similar to a Facebook page. This is a safe place to share your experience, find and give support to like-minded seekers, and join us in supporting the expansion of consciousness on our beautiful planet. 

Weekly Lectures and Readings

Each Wednesday, Ingrid does a lecture to a live audience over zoom viceo. Join whenever you like for the week’s spiritual lesson, channeled wisdom, a chance to meet your fellow members face-to-face, and a ini-reading from a Bhava students or alumni. 

Special Access to Spiritual Studies

Access a closed calendar of Spiritual Studies led by Bhava students, alumni, and the leadership team. We cover a wondrous range of topics, modalities, and discussion groups. Attending live classes comes with a small extra cost, but the audio is free to members, and not shared publicly. 

A Message from Our Founder, Ingrid H. Turner

Learn more about our Mission and what membership means.

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