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Plans & Pricing

Ready to sign up as a "Bhava Sitters" Member? Great! 

As a Bhava Sitter" you will have access to all of the classes and courses provided in the $50/month Membership. Once you have access, you will just need to log in, and sign up each week, for all of the available classes that you want to attend.

Already a "Bhava Sitters" Member? 

Log in at the top right of the page, under "Bhava Sitters: Log in here" or in the navigation menu on your mobile device.

Want to sign up to be a Bhava Member?

If you are interested in becoming a Bhava Member, please click on the Become a Member link above and schedule an interview with us!

  • Bhava Sitters

    Every month
    Receive readings from Bhava students
    • Attend psychic practice calls
    • Attend mediumship practice calls
    • Attend channeling practice calls


We look forward to hearing from you.

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